Introduction to Photography Part 1.

Hi everyone, I know that I’ve been a bit m.i.a with my blog post this is because recently I have been feeling uninspired. I know London is probably one of THE MOST inspiring cities in the world but lately I just feel different about it. However, after I had some discussions about blogging with my friends and teachers at Uni and looking at everyone’s work, (blog) what they have posted I felt a sudden urge to get into my own grove and start blogging again. Like what NIKE says “JUST DO IT”.

Where to begin…

The last blog post I did was about book bindings and what I did a week after that was I had an introduction to Photography. We had a brief discussions about what we will be experiencing in workshop and I couldn’t help but smile because I did photography for 2 years whilst I was in sixth forms and I fully enjoyed it so I couldn’t help but wanting to get stuck in. The second day we had Photography lessons we had to get into groups of people and with one camera each group we had to go around the room taking images but also experimenting with the different setting and tools that’s available on the camera.

I had a chance to take some pictures and explored with different techniques and settings to create best possible images. Below this are some of the pictures that I have taken.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 08.41.04 IMG_1178 IMG_1162

IMG_1156 IMG_1139

Excuse my awkward smile…Anyways, I remember the day we had to do this activity, the sun looked incredible, creating perfect natural lighting and I just couldn’t help but took some of behind the scenes pictures. My favourite image was the one of my friend Katie (top left), I don’t want to sound pretentious but I really do love the way the sunshine hits the back of her, creating lovely shadows of her silhouette. Overall I definitely enjoy doing photography because it was one of my favourite subjects in school and now that I get experience this again at uni is definitely something I’m really looking forward to continue.


1 thought on “Introduction to Photography Part 1.

  1. Kannika teach me your beautiful ways of photography please! 💖


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