Sarah Boris

Sarah Boris is a graphic designer, art director and artist based in London. She came into one of our lecture and talked about what she does, her professionals and insites to the design industry. In her introduction she talked about how she got the job in the industry, which I find inspiring and useful because not only she’s telling us about how she got her first job to this industry, she;s also giving us lots of useful tips. She advised us to get familiar with brands that we would like to work with, do lots of reach about the identity of the brand, and also to base the application on their design materials. Throughout her journey she has now became a well known graphic designer in the industry. She has worked since 2005 for organisations which include Phaidon Press, The Photography’s Gallery, ICA (Institute of contemporary Arts), Barbican Centre, Tate, The Architecture Foundation, South London Gallery, Gasworks, Hotshoe International, Max Wigram Gallery, Fedrigoni and the Royal Philharmonic Society amangst others. Yes, she’s very impressive. She also showed us some of her own personal work that she does for fun, exploring with different materials and collecting materials that is meaningful and treasurable.

Boris also discussed about creating our own spaces, finding ways to build good energy around. Energy is important to have especially in a working atmosphere. In her experiences she discussed the isolation she felt when she was working for a particular company, so her advice to us was to ensure that the space we’re working with is inspiring. She also encouraged us to promote ourselves, showing others what inspires us, show our best work and compile them in good digital portfolio (PDF).

Links to Boris’s website:


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