VISIT: Tate Modern


Back during Christmas break, my friend and I have decided to go and visit the Tate Modern Art Gallery. It’s been months the last time I was there and during my visit this time round I was with my friend Fe. I was really impressed with the exhibitions that they’ve had going on as well as the art work that are on the display. Initially we both wanted to look at sculptures because it was something that Fe is interested in, whereas for me I’m much prefer to look at paintings and drawings. We went to the art gallery during weekday so it wasn’t too busy so it was nice to be able to view the art works without having to try to fight for some space. After we both wondered around the first room that we were in Finally it was my turn! On the floor that were at, I was totally taken by surprise and in awe of how incredibly amazing the displays that were there on the enormous wall. I was so impressed with how detailed and unique these were created.


The second image above these two is one of the pantings that I’m totally in love with. The marble effect and the bright colours I find very eye-catching. It made me wish that if only I have a big house, I would be delighted to have one of these paintings in my home. Besides this painting that caught my eyes, I have also have some of the others that is just as good that have caught my attention. The image of me starring at the abstract textured painting is one of which that is on my list. I love the way the artist used different brush strokes and pallet knife to create this painting. With abstract paintings, I never really understand what the paintings are really all about. But, I do enjoy and admire the artists’ efforts and their creative thoughts that was put in to create somewhat a master piece. After our visit, Fe and I took off to a cafe in oxford circus and we both was winging and dining, it was amazing! Looking back now, I would definitely come back to visit Tate Modern again because they do carry great exhibitions and incredible art works which you will not be disappoint!


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