Project: Day Travel card book


Last weekend I was trying to organise some of the things that I have been collecting for many years and they’re starting to piling up. I always find it very hard to throw things that I feel that they have sentimental value to them. Ever since I was little whether it is birthday cards, hand written letters, notes, receipts or in this case train tickets I have been collecting all of these things for so long and I can’t seem to get rid of them. As I was going through my purse I found stacks of train tickets that seems taken over my purse and so I have decided why don’t I create and make something out of it. I thought about the book binding tutorial that Kiran have showed us a while back and I have embarked upon the idea of turning these train tickets into a mini book. The size of the train ticket is perfect and all I need was some tape to hold them together. Yes, I admit that this little book is not perfect and no where near what Kiran have created but this is just a small idea that I have and I didn’t necessary want them to look perfect because the imperfections of the mini book is what going to make it unique.


I’m not sure what I will do with this little mini book but already, they have contains informations e.g. my travel journey. I could just leave this book like how it is now but I think I will probably want to add random things to it, even though I’m not sure what but there will always be something to add along the way.


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