Thinking it & Saying it: Zine

As the future professional creative communicators, communicating is very important and we must stay engage with the world around us. We need to be able to understand the link between Earlier in the beginning of this course, I was introduced to Zine making and watched Ciarian’s tutorial on how to create our own Zine.

The initial ideas that I have in mind, what I wanted to base my zine about was Aesthetic. This is because I feel that it was an important subject to address and interesting as we live in a society that everything is based and judge by our looks.

I began to drafting some ideas and making some brainstorms to try and justify what it is I want to add to my zine in regards to the theme of Aesthetic. I roughly added words such as face, body shapes and quotes from magazines, books, films, social medias, advertisement, etc because I personally believed that they all have a huge impact and influence the way we define aesthetic.

After a long consideration of constructing and planing my zine pages and the layouts that I want them to look I finally named the title of my zine ” The Struggle is Real”.  “The Struggle is Real” an expression used to emphasise the gravity of a frustrating circumstance or hardship, which is often used ironically online in a similar manner to first world problems. I have chosen this term as the title of my zine because its the term that everyone in my generation used a lot, especially when they refers to any type of flaws that they have with their own aesthetic. E.g. “My eyebrows is totally not on point, the struggle is real.” Not only the terms fits really well with the theme, I wanted my zine to be an easy read and using this particular term, I think that many people can relate to it.

The finished product


Here is just a few images of what I have created. In these images, they’re just my zine pages, when I took these I haven’t mounted them together because I wanted to see what they look like against each other before I glue them on. I do love the out come of it. I think the topics, text and illustrations that I have included in my zine are comical and relatable which I hope the people would enjoy reading as much as I do.



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