Typography & After Effect

The other day  we had a lesson about how we can use after effect to create motion graphic typography. This is really interesting to me because I am a type of person who would prefer to draw out and creating my own version of typography without using the help of adobe (why!!!??) but jeeeeee! it is extremely time consuming. After Effect has really allow me to create somewhat complex looking type of text but without spending too much time on it yet the quality is just as good.

SO…What is typography he asked us…what is the definition?

“Typography is the visual representation of text information, every typographic arrangement constitutes the image of a text.”

Language of Type

Precicionist- Creates fonts or design fonts.

Expressionist- Illustrates letters in any shape or form, legible or illegible, as long as it emotes.


Quilling- Art form by rolling up paper, create an image & takes photograph.

Type & Angle- Photograph type using photograph techniques, captures in certain type of angles.

After a quick introduction we’ve found ourselves starting having ago at creating the motion graphic. It was a little  bit confusing at the beginning because we’re all new to this and some of us had never really use AE either. But after a while, with step-by-step we all have sort of managed to gasp on to the soft wear and managed to create the motion graphic type. Like I have said in the beginning, this is not something that I would be using but after the session that we had and the tutorial, I think if I continue to practice this and learn more about the software this will become very useful in future projects.


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