Experiment: Neon Signage using Photoshop

For the Lights at Night theme of my projectI wanted to create multiple images documenting the areas of soho and Oxford circus where they have neon lights signage. This is because I find the neon lights fits well with this theme and I think that neon lights are attractive when display properly and the message of the text. It can make a difference to the appearance of shops, bars or restaurants and many people would automatically gaze their attentions to the bright colourful neon signs which make soho so vibrant.

Here I have experimented with the idea of using photoshop to create a replica of the neon signage without having to actually spend any money or pay somebody to make it for me. I wanted to see if it is possible to do so using photoshop and it worked!




Chinatown is a great place to visit and explore the culture. When you walk around the area, you could see the way Chinese people display their shops/ restaurants is very different from other places in London. From hanging lanterns and posters on the windows,the atmosphere is a lot different from how westerners are interact and living their lives. In one afternoon, I have chosen to visit this place because every time I come here there’s always new things to discover.

I have recorded my time by doing some watercolour sketches and some drawings. It was a little bit challenging when you do your drawings out door in the cold and where ever you turn it’s very distracting because theres’s so many restaurants and coffee shop teasing you. When you are visiting Chinatown you automatically assumed that there is only Chinese cuisine/ product available but that’s totally not true. I have came across Thai and Korean restaurants, the people there are very nice, greeting you with their warm smiles and making you feel very welcoming.


Letterpress Printing

On Friday afternoon we hd a workshop about letter pressing with Kim. She gave us some details about letterpress and gave us some tips how we could corporate letterpress printing to our project. I started out by working on some words that’s related to London and experimenting with using different type faces and sizes to see how many work I could make.

‘BUZZZ’ was the first ‘word’ that came up in my mind because I was trying to expressed the sound, buzzing noise that I hear when I’m in the city. As you can see that I have placed the letter B in a wrong direction because as I placed the letters together my brain just automatically react and spelled out the letters in the way that I would read it and as a result of doing that the letter B is facing the wring way.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Even though I have made a mistake on the letter, surprisingly I really like how the letter look together. I also printed the same word to fill in the paper but not applying anymore ink because I wanted to create a form of effect that the colours and words are fading out.

Here are some more experiment that I have done…

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset


Sketches of London Architecture

On Friday morning we were set out to draw interesting buildings London. I walked around Aldgate and Liverpool Street area and took some images and well as doing some sketches of the buildings surrounding the areas. These drawings that I have done are some rough sketches and they are not perfect at all. They are just simple sketches and I have applied the techniques that I have learned from the last week workshop. Besides feeling super cold while drawing these sketches, I really enjoyed doing these drawings because I didn’t have the pressure of making them look perfect and I can expressed my creativity.

Drawing Exercise

In the morning lesson Ricardo have introduced us to a few drawing exercises to give us some ideas how we could apply these techniques to our future work. We sat down across other students in front of us and we had to draw them using methods such as:

  • Continuous line drawing using your right hand
  • Continuous line drawing using your left hand
  • Add tones to the drawing 
  • Using shapes (e.g. Triangle)
  • Using uneven lines


These task was quite challenging for me because I wanted my drawing to look perfect and exactly like the person who was sitting opposite me. Drawing this person’s face and not being able picking up the pen was difficult as I am not use to that. To make it even more challenging, Ricardo had a timer on us so we were only able to create a drawing in just 2 minutes.  During this exercise I felt a sense of stressed and pressure because in my mind I automatically pictured what I want my drawing to look like. To do this exercise in such short amount of time was not ideal but however it was a good experience. Surprisingly I really like the outcome, for an example the continuous line drawing was not perfect at all. The imperfect line gives the subject of the drawing a sense of character.

These types of methods that we had practised have inspires me to have fun, be playful when I comes to drawing and think outside the box a little bit. Because I have set an expectation of how I want the outcome of my work to look like, that will restrict me from doing great things and that is something I want to change. I want to explore with different elements and methods to create some unique work in the future and becoming more spontaneous with my creativity.


Collect, Analyse & (Re)Assemble: The Art of Collecting


It is much thought about and much discussed subject for we all collect. We collect friends, informations, knowledge, memories, experiences and sometimes even dreams. For me, I collecting is a type of art that we don’t often appreciate. I get inspirations by going through things I’ve been collecting over the years, I always thought to myself “well maybe this will become useful” before I’m about to throw anythings away. Whether its a dream that I have had, I journal them down or sketch them out but only ones that have made impact to me or ones that is reoccurring. I collected books, interesting vintage finds, art work, letters, journals/dairies, business cards, receipts, etc. Yes I have many things that I’ve collected over the years and I never really understand why I keep them. Maybe each and every objects or things that I have been keeping are important to me but in lots of different ways. Certain things hold memories and sentimental values that you cannot put a price on it. For this project I’m going to go through them, as much as I could find and hopefully experiment and create to make something out of them.

The soundtrack of our lives: Song choices

1.) Disclosure-Latch Ft. Sam Smith

This song literally gives me goose bumps because not only it has got kind of an eerie feel to it but it was a very personal song that meant a lot to me and someone that used to be apart of my life and that person is no longer with me any more. I gotta give it to Disclosure and Sam Smith for creating such an excellent and well-crafted tune. I think that what’s great about this song is they took the traditional love song idea of, “let’s make this a serious, exclusive thing”, but they’ve given it this kind of weird, paranoid, obsessive undercurrent. “Latch” as a word can mean the way it’s used in this song, to be about latching up or tying the knot so to speak, but it usually has that much creepier, parasite connotation of “latching on to” someone or something.

So, in short, it’s a love song that’s about an unstable person wanting to lock down their partner so that they won’t have to be alone anymore, and really hyper-fixating on that aspect of the relationship.


2.) MGMT-Kids 

This song takes me back, every time and I always get the deja vu feeling. I remember hearing them at a festival with all of my closest friends, it also makes me feel sad too because this song was a part of my youth and teenage year…which I can never go back to but I will always treasure the memories that comes with this song.

I think this song is definitely of the stages of life. You’re a child born so innocent in this world, with a beautiful smile that could make any parent proud. As you grow older you begin to lose your innocence & fall into societies ways. You begin to lose the meaning of whats important in life. & find that you learn from the world & especially learn from your parents,good & BAD. But the bad things you learn from those around you will only haunt you. To avoid this take only what you need from the world. Try your best not to become selfish as the rest of the world. I feel this songs represents a constant battle between good & bad, I feel like they’re speaking from experience. Trying not to get sucked up into the worldy possessions & selfishness of this place. Its a reminder to only take what you need from the world around you, nothing more nothing less. Be happy with what is given to you or fall into a life of unhappiness & obstacles..try to live your life the best way that you can & be the best person that you can, weather your life be hard or easy remember not to become corrupted of the things around you.

Wish I could explain exactly what I feel but words cannot describe everything I think this song means..it is a beautiful song & makes me tear everything I hear it…


3.) Lana Del Rey- Summertime Sadness

I don’t want to sound like Debbie downer or anything but any music that has a meaningful will always have an emotional impact to me and Lana Del Rey is certainly is one. I have always been her biggest fan, when I saw her live, it was INCREDIBLE! All her songs are beautifully written and poetic, the voice to me is like an angel. The lyrics are very sad and explicit in any of her music because she sings hostly about her life, especially her dark past, I always feel like wanting to give her a hug because this woman had such sad life but she did gained a lot go successes after putting her experiences into music.

In this song, she’s reminiscing about a love that she had during the time and it brings her “summertime sadness.”

This person is someone who made her feel electric, alive, and in love. She feels so invincible with this person that she could die and still be happy. Thinking about how much she loved this person and how this person may have been the best person she’s ever been with, it brings her sadness. “Even if you’re gone, I’m going to drive.” Yes, this person isn’t a part of her life anymore, but she relives her relationship with him by driving down memory lane.

Does anyone else hear “I think I’ll miss you forever like the stars miss the sun in the morning skies”? That makes more sense to me than “I think I’ll love you forever.”
“I think I’ll miss you forever
Like the stars miss the sun in the morning sky.
Late is better than never.
Even if you’re gone, I’m gonna drive.”
This is my favorite part of the song. It’s as if she finally realised how much she’s going to miss this person and has finally told them her true feelings. Even though he’s gone, she’s going to remember and honor how wonderful this time period of her life was. Beautiful…