Sketches of London Architecture

On Friday morning we were set out to draw interesting buildings London. I walked around Aldgate and Liverpool Street area and took some images and well as doing some sketches of the buildings surrounding the areas. These drawings that I have done are some rough sketches and they are not perfect at all. They are just simple sketches and I have applied the techniques that I have learned from the last week workshop. Besides feeling super cold while drawing these sketches, I really enjoyed doing these drawings because I didn’t have the pressure of making them look perfect and I can expressed my creativity.

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Project: Day Travel card book

Last weekend I was trying to organise some of the things that I have been collecting for many years and they’re starting to piling up. I always find it very hard to throw things that I feel that they have sentimental value to them. Ever since I was little whether it is birthday cards, hand […]

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The 100 Briefs, in 1 Day

Yup, when I saw the title of this brief I was shocked, scared, nervous, yet exciting because it’s going to be a taught challenge and a good experience too. After a long christmas holiday break, I think we’re all just itching to draw and grab some colour pencils and do what we do best and […]

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