Riso printing Part 1.

I have had a go and try riso printing to further develop my illustrations and I really like the result of how they turned out. I have never use riso printing before so I had a teacher showed me how to use it. It is intimidating at first but at the same time the machine […]

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Project 2: Developed Initial Ideas

As I have stated earlier that I wanted to focusing on people’s attitude’s towards money and the consequences of having money and how people using it. To further developing this ideas, I started to do some sketches of my current environment ad surroundings. I have illustrated the people who are in terrible circumstances, from used […]

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Making Marble Papers

A friend of mine Fe had experimented with making papers that has marbling effect and after seeing her work on her Instagram page I fell in love with the design straight away.  When I had met up with her I asked her what type of ink did she used because in the past I tried […]

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Development Project 2: Making connections to other artefacts and zine making

Yesterday’s morning and afternoon sessions we spent some time thinking and drawing some ideas down about our artefacts. During the morning session, Emily had given a task of working as a group and we had a discussion to other students some informations about their artefacts and how they could linked to each others and connecting […]

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Hot House Talks: The Paper Library

Yesterday afternoon we had Debbie Wigglesworth from The Paper Library spoken to us about The Paper Library and her 30 years of experiences in the industry. Debbie quickly explained about herself and what she does and from that brief introduction I’ve gathered that she is paper passionist. I haven’t met anybody who gets so excited […]

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