Market Ready

Today we have been introduced to a first brief called Market Ready Project. In this project we have been put into groups and to come up with a Design Agency. Once we have established our groups we then got involved on figuring out what is a Design Agency? We have learned that a Design Agency is a company that offers a combination of strategy, design, technology and advertising services for clients. It is creative or expert lead and is also made up primarily of creative professionals.

For this project we as a design agency had to create a product that would be able to sell at the market ready stall in december…what is if we win. It was really exciting and challenging project because I love business and have thought about having my own business one day so to be able to do this project is a great practice and introduction to the reality of the industry. I have studied a little bit of business in when I was in school so to be able to have that background it have gave me a little bit of insite to what I will be expecting in this project and utilise the skills that I have learned in the past more efficiently and effectively.


Looking Back and Moving On

It’s been a while since I last posted on my WordPress and I guess got so distracted with everything. I was really nervous about going back to blogging because lets just say writing is not my “forte” and I get really nervous and experienced an overwhelming amount of anxiety. But however, for the second year of university I am planning on making more efforts and create more time catching  up on my blog posts. I want to set more goals to create more interesting contents of what I have learn or discover along the way. With the help from my new friends, I feel a lot more confidence and myself when I am with them which motivates me to put more efforts with my work. I want to evolve from this and to avoid disappearing from the blogging world, I have to set time for this and become more organised. I supposed it will get easier once I get started so I hope you all will stay tune.

MEET: Karolina Koryl

Karolina Koryl is an artist/blogger/illustrator/ everrrrything! I have been a strong follower of hers for so long! I don’t really have much information about her except she is a deign student just like me and unfortunately her work is unedited which sucks because I think her work are extremely unique and incredible, interesting to look at so please check her out! This is just from my observations about her work, she uses old receipts as a base of her work and paints on them, creating different unique designs which I think they’re cute and fun to look at.


Most of her designs are very abstract looking have interesting unique tribal reference within them. If you look at her work long enough it reminds me in a way of the famous artist Picasso, but what separates them is that Karolina’s work does not include so much nudity as Picasso and she uses a lot of pastel colour palette to create a softer approach to the designs. Fact is both of their work are amazing! so here is the links to Karolina’s work 🙂

Typography & After Effect

The other day  we had a lesson about how we can use after effect to create motion graphic typography. This is really interesting to me because I am a type of person who would prefer to draw out and creating my own version of typography without using the help of adobe (why!!!??) but jeeeeee! it is extremely time consuming. After Effect has really allow me to create somewhat complex looking type of text but without spending too much time on it yet the quality is just as good.

SO…What is typography he asked us…what is the definition?

“Typography is the visual representation of text information, every typographic arrangement constitutes the image of a text.”

Language of Type

Precicionist- Creates fonts or design fonts.

Expressionist- Illustrates letters in any shape or form, legible or illegible, as long as it emotes.


Quilling- Art form by rolling up paper, create an image & takes photograph.

Type & Angle- Photograph type using photograph techniques, captures in certain type of angles.

After a quick introduction we’ve found ourselves starting having ago at creating the motion graphic. It was a little  bit confusing at the beginning because we’re all new to this and some of us had never really use AE either. But after a while, with step-by-step we all have sort of managed to gasp on to the soft wear and managed to create the motion graphic type. Like I have said in the beginning, this is not something that I would be using but after the session that we had and the tutorial, I think if I continue to practice this and learn more about the software this will become very useful in future projects.

Meet: Le Gun

Le Gun is a narrative art annual showcasing imagery by artists ranging from the very famous to the completely unknown. It is distributed worldwide and enjoys an intentional cult following.


Le Gun editors, Bill Bragg, Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish and Step Von Reiwtz) also form of the art collective Le Gun. The collective are known for creating large scale collaborative works, often in the shape ‘walking drawing’ or narrative environments where all five members will work on the same drawing, painting, sculpture simultaneously.


Collect, Analyse & (Re)Assemble: The Art of Collecting


It is much thought about and much discussed subject for we all collect. We collect friends, informations, knowledge, memories, experiences and sometimes even dreams. For me, I collecting is a type of art that we don’t often appreciate. I get inspirations by going through things I’ve been collecting over the years, I always thought to myself “well maybe this will become useful” before I’m about to throw anythings away. Whether its a dream that I have had, I journal them down or sketch them out but only ones that have made impact to me or ones that is reoccurring. I collected books, interesting vintage finds, art work, letters, journals/dairies, business cards, receipts, etc. Yes I have many things that I’ve collected over the years and I never really understand why I keep them. Maybe each and every objects or things that I have been keeping are important to me but in lots of different ways. Certain things hold memories and sentimental values that you cannot put a price on it. For this project I’m going to go through them, as much as I could find and hopefully experiment and create to make something out of them.

The Soundtrack of our lives: Crit

After arriving a little late to the class…sorry! I quickly scanned the room and up on the walls and tables, I saw amazing images of the posters in blowup in large scale I was real impressed with everyone’s work. After scanning the room long enough that I have made myself feel a little bit insecure about my own work, I suddenly started to compare my work to everybody else. As a young viscom practitioner, I am very critical of my own work and extremely indecisive. I felt proud of the work that I did and went to uni to present my work   with no hesitation but later find myself wanting to run away haha! We all gathered around the tables and described what our work is all about, why do we created the designs in the way that they are and how does it communicate to the viewers.


Here I have created my posters design based around the songs that I have chosen. I know we’re missing one picture which is the one that will represent MGMT-Kids, I have actually done it but haven’t got around to take the picture for my blog which I thought that I did.

The first image represents the song Latch By Disclosure. I have created the images connecting to each other because the song is based around closeness and each characters have slight facial expressions because I personally felt that it adds bait of interest and story telling in a way without giving too much information. I have chosen black white and red (not orange) because I think they contrasts to each other well. I have chosen to create simple design of repartition of human like faces because when I first heard this song, I was at a night club surrounding with many people and in a way if you have seen the video of the music, you would see that there was this particular scene that there were two people surrounded in a room full of people and I guess I was trying to reference that from the video as well as from my own personal experience.

In the second image, I stuck to the theme of repartition for my poster series and created this poster with a feature of lips. This is because the song is based on romance and I associated lips with romantic things…it’s not as strong as I would expect it tone but after receiving my notes from everybody’s suggestions I intend to go back and produce some more posters but this time make it better quality and the visual impact of it all too.