MEET: Karolina Koryl

Karolina Koryl is an artist/blogger/illustrator/ everrrrything! I have been a strong follower of hers for so long! I don’t really have much information about her except she is a deign student just like me and unfortunately her work is unedited which sucks because I think her work are extremely unique and incredible, interesting to look at so please check her out! This is just from my observations about her work, she uses old receipts as a base of her work and paints on them, creating different unique designs which I think they’re cute and fun to look at.


Most of her designs are very abstract looking have interesting unique tribal reference within them. If you look at her work long enough it reminds me in a way of the famous artist Picasso, but what separates them is that Karolina’s work does not include so much nudity as Picasso and she uses a lot of pastel colour palette to create a softer approach to the designs. Fact is both of their work are amazing! so here is the links to Karolina’s work 🙂


Meet: Le Gun

Le Gun is a narrative art annual showcasing imagery by artists ranging from the very famous to the completely unknown. It is distributed worldwide and enjoys an intentional cult following.


Le Gun editors, Bill Bragg, Chris Bianchi, Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish and Step Von Reiwtz) also form of the art collective Le Gun. The collective are known for creating large scale collaborative works, often in the shape ‘walking drawing’ or narrative environments where all five members will work on the same drawing, painting, sculpture simultaneously.