The Soundtrack of our lives: Crit

After arriving a little late to the class…sorry! I quickly scanned the room and up on the walls and tables, I saw amazing images of the posters in blowup in large scale I was real impressed with everyone’s work. After scanning the room long enough that I have made myself feel a little bit insecure about my own work, I suddenly started to compare my work to everybody else. As a young viscom practitioner, I am very critical of my own work and extremely indecisive. I felt proud of the work that I did and went to uni to present my work   with no hesitation but later find myself wanting to run away haha! We all gathered around the tables and described what our work is all about, why do we created the designs in the way that they are and how does it communicate to the viewers.


Here I have created my posters design based around the songs that I have chosen. I know we’re missing one picture which is the one that will represent MGMT-Kids, I have actually done it but haven’t got around to take the picture for my blog which I thought that I did.

The first image represents the song Latch By Disclosure. I have created the images connecting to each other because the song is based around closeness and each characters have slight facial expressions because I personally felt that it adds bait of interest and story telling in a way without giving too much information. I have chosen black white and red (not orange) because I think they contrasts to each other well. I have chosen to create simple design of repartition of human like faces because when I first heard this song, I was at a night club surrounding with many people and in a way if you have seen the video of the music, you would see that there was this particular scene that there were two people surrounded in a room full of people and I guess I was trying to reference that from the video as well as from my own personal experience.

In the second image, I stuck to the theme of repartition for my poster series and created this poster with a feature of lips. This is because the song is based on romance and I associated lips with romantic things…it’s not as strong as I would expect it tone but after receiving my notes from everybody’s suggestions I intend to go back and produce some more posters but this time make it better quality and the visual impact of it all too.


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